Interface Summary
GrammarInfo Keeps the information about the grammar as a whole.
NamespaceContext2 Maintains namespace<->prefix bindings.
SAXUnmarshallerHandler Unified event handler that processes both the SAX events and error events.
UnmarshallableObject Generated classes have to implement this interface for it to be unmarshallable.
UnmarshallingContext Methods exposed by the unmarshalling coordinator object to the generated code.
UnmarshallingEventHandler Implemented by the generated code to unmarshall an object from unmarshaller events.
ValidatableObject This interface is implemented by generated classes to indicate that the class supports validation.
XMLSerializable For a generated class to be serializable, it has to implement this interface.
XMLSerializer Receives XML serialization event

Class Summary
AbstractGrammarInfoImpl Keeps the information about the grammar as a whole.
AbstractUnmarshallingEventHandlerImpl Convenient default implementation of UnmarshallingEventHandler to minimize code generation.
ContentHandlerAdaptor Receives SAX2 events and send the equivalent events to XMLSerializer
DefaultJAXBContextImpl This class provides the default implementation of JAXBContext.
ErrorHandlerAdaptor Receives errors through ErrorHandler and reports to the SAXUnmarshallerHandler.
MarshallerImpl Implementation of Marshaller interface for JAXB RI.
MSVValidator XMLSerializer that calls the native interface of MSV and performs validation.
NamespaceContextImpl Implementation of the NamespaceContext2.
SAXMarshaller XMLSerializer that produces SAX2 events.
SAXUnmarshallerHandlerImpl Implementation of UnmarshallerHandler.
UnmarshallerImpl Default Unmarshall implementation.
UnmarshallingEventHandlerAdaptor Redirects events to another SAX ContentHandler.
ValidatingUnmarshaller Filter implementation of SAXUnmarshallerHandler.
ValidatorImpl Validator implementation of JAXB RI.