Class ExtractQuasars

  extended by util.sdss.ExtractQuasars

public class ExtractQuasars
extends Object

Extract quasars spectra and images from the SDSS DR1 using the preliminary identification flags. To restrict the results to quasars in final release catalog use the FinalQuasars filter which will read only quasars in the final quasar catalog.

  1. Manually download SDSS from http://das.sdss.org/DR1/data/spectro/ss_tar_20/
  2. Manually unzip as many as possible into a directory SDSS
  3. Manually Perform a recursive delete of spPlate-*.fits and plPlugMapM-*.par files
  4. Use this program to delete all spectra which don't have SPEC_QSO or SPEC_HIZ_QSO
  5. Use the spDiag1d-MMMMM-FFFF.par file in each FFFF directory

    Constructor Summary
    Method Summary
    static void getSpectraImage(int aPlate, int aFiber, int aJulianDate)
    static void main(String[] args)
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    Constructor Detail


    public ExtractQuasars()
    Method Detail


    public static void main(String[] args)


    public static void getSpectraImage(int aPlate,
                                       int aFiber,
                                       int aJulianDate)