Class Test_qrisngvaldec

  extended by numal.highprecision.test.Test_qrisngvaldec

public class Test_qrisngvaldec
extends Object

Compute the singular value decomposition of the 6x5 matrix A for which a[i][j]=1/*(i+j-1). For a successful test the main() method must output the following values : { @code Number of singular values not found : 0 Infinity norm : 2.28333E0 Max neglected subdiagonal element : 2.11719E-5 Number of iterations : 3 Numerical rank : 5 Singular values : 1.59212E0 2.24496E-1 1.36102E-2 1.25733E-4 1.41703E-5 Matrix U, first 3 columns : -7.54979E-1 6.10111E-1 -2.33268E-1 -4.39093E-1 -2.26021E-1 7.05899E-1 -3.17031E-1 -3.73070E-1 2.11269E-1 -2.49995E-1 -3.95578E-1 -1.47776E-1 -2.07050E-1 -3.84833E-1 -3.68054E-1 -1.76997E-1 -3.64582E-1 -4.95335E-1 Last 2 columns : 9.87458E-3 -2.57541E-2 -6.88740E-3 2.67620E-1 -3.89435E-1 -5.02005E-1 8.52031E-1 -1.34877E-1 -2.25331E-1 7.40444E-1 -2.67328E-1 -3.30543E-1 }

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static void main(String[] args)
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public Test_qrisngvaldec()
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public static void main(String[] args)