Class SignalAndCoordinate

  extended by util.wavelet.SimpleSignal
      extended by util.wavelet.Signal
          extended by util.wavelet.SignalAndCoordinate

public class SignalAndCoordinate
extends Signal

A wrapper for an array of signal values and their coordinate.

John Talbot

Constructor Summary
SignalAndCoordinate(float[] value, float[] noise, float noiseMultiplier, List<Float> coordinates)
          Construct using the given signal array, noise array and coordinate positions.
Method Summary
 float getCoordinate(int position)
          Get the x coordinate for the given position.
 float getValueAtCoordinate(float coordinate)
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Constructor Detail


public SignalAndCoordinate(float[] value,
                           float[] noise,
                           float noiseMultiplier,
                           List<Float> coordinates)
Construct using the given signal array, noise array and coordinate positions.

value - signal value array
noise - the noise array
noiseMultiplier - noise multiplier (when sigmas = 3.0 confidence = 99.9 percent)
coordinates - x positions
Method Detail


public float getCoordinate(int position)
Get the x coordinate for the given position. The coordinate is read-only.

position - the position for which the coordinate is sought
the x coordinate at the given position


public float getValueAtCoordinate(float coordinate)