Package util.wavelet

Class Summary
GaussianFit A function representing a gaussian to be used in AnalyticProblems.marquardt(int, int, float[], float[], float[][], numal.lowprecision.Function, float[]).
InterscaleRelationship A relationship between two Structure instances in adjacent scales.
Scale A wavelet scale containing wavelet coefficients.
Signal Wrapper for an array of signal values and an array of noise values and their multiplier.
SignalAndCoordinate A wrapper for an array of signal values and their coordinate.
SimpleSignal A wrapper for an array of signal values and boundary conditions check.
SimpleWaveletSpace A simple wavelet space contains a simple signal and its wavelet transform.
Structure Set of contiguous wavelet coefficients which exceed a noise threshold.
WaveletSpace A set of wavelet coefficients and a smoothed array computed using the 'atrous' discrete wavelet trasform on a signal.
WaveletTransform Discrete wavelet transform of a signal using the 1D A-Trous method with a b3-spline smoothing function.
WObject Corresponds to a feature in the original signal.

Enum Summary
BoundaryCondition An enumeration of boundary conditions.
NoiseComputation An enumeration of noise computation methods for thresholding in wavelet space.